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Sometimes it is quite difficult for black women to decide on a new outfit and hairstyle. On the one hand it is still about the remains of the white society domination, and on the other hand, that is more important, black hair is a very unique hair type. It is difficult to deal with and manage , that is why often African American women come to choose natural hairstyles for black women, that can be protective hairstyles. Such styles are difficult to create but then they will make you forget about daily hair problems and hours spent on styling. But is this what modern woman is looking for? For sure not! Modern hair styling techniques will give an opportunity to create the most popular hairstyles ever no matter your skin tone and hair type.

bob hairstyles for black women 2015

So black women do not necessarily have to wear long hair, styled in twists and box braids. The hair trends 2015 offer you the great choice of short haircuts for spring summer season. They are flattening, and today we will have a look at celebrity bob hairstyles and you will see that short black hair is awesome.

Wavy bob hairstyles 2015 for thick hair

Wavy bob hairstyles for black women 2015 Red wavy bob hairstyles for black women 2015

The black hair texture introduces very thick tresses, and sometimes hair stylist have to take some measure to make hair look thinner. But the truth is that such thick bob haircuts are very impressive, and red hair color makes it only more attractive.

Tyra Banks Long Bob hairstyles 2015 Spring

Tyra Banks bob hairstyles for black women 2015

One of the most famous and well known black beauties is Tyra Banks. We have seen her with all possible hair designs, from voluminous Afros to straight long hair. This lob hairstyle of her with highlights is very nice.

Blonde Bob Hairstyles 2015 Spring Summer

Blonde Bob Hairstyles 2015 Spring Summer Side Swept Blonde Bob Hairstyles 2015 Spring Summer

With dark skin tone women usually try to preserve their natural hair colors, so as not to make too much contrast and catch attention. But f you brave enough, you can have not only the modern bob haircuts but combine them with blonde hair color.

Beyonce bob hairstyles 2015

Beyonce bob hairstyles for black women 2015

Recently Beyonce was noticed changing hairstyles, hair colors and hair length very often, even each day, her mysterious celebrity hairstyles became the center of attention for a while. And her bob style was one of the variants of her transformation.

Bob hairstyles for black women for Spring 2015

Dreadlocks bob hairstyles for black women 2015 Rihanna short bob hairstyles for black women 2015

Black women turned out to be very creative and while the others are limited with classy variations of bob haircuts, they suddenly invent a bob hairstyles from dreadlocks. Very functional and easy hairstyle, besides it looks fantastic.

Jourdan Dunn center parted bob hairstyles 2015

Jourdan Dunn bob hairstyles for black women 2015

Here is another bob hairstyles of a celebrity that became very famous in an instant. The ideal center parting as hair trends 2015 require and not very accurate wavy strands. Perfect.

Side swept bob hairstyles

Side swept bob hairstyles for black women 2015

When you choose not only to have the perfect bob haircut but also to dye your hair, stop for a second and think it over. The perfect chocolate hair color with caramel highlights is the color that will rock spring summer season.

Rihanna bob hairstyles for spring summer 2015

Rihanna bob hairstyles for spring summer 2015

The most popular singer and celebrity Rihanna is the best known chameleon. She can change looks constantly and she can constantly look perfect, no matter long or short hair she has, wavy or straight. Her famous celebrity bob hairstyles are worth copying.



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