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Dry frizzy hair, impossibility to manage it and create some nice hairstyles without efforts, hours spent on straightening hair, or on making box braids. Is it familiar? Yes, I am talking about natural hairstyles for black women and they naturally curly hair. On one side African American hair is thick and deep black that is fascinating, but on the other hand it turns out quite problematic to invent hairstyles that will look trendy and stylish, and will be easy to create. And here come the awesome Mohawk hairstyles for black women, that have all the advantages needed for each modern woman, and what matters most they are unique. Wherever you appear with your statement Mohawk hairstyle you will catch eyes. Besides Mohawk can be of so many variations that you are free to choose your own style.

Mohawk hairstyles 2015

As hair trends 2015 and natural hair looks go along together, you may want to boost your natural curls and make Faux hawks simply by pulling curls upwards. Or you can go further and have braided sides and curls at the place of Mohawk. And finally if you are that daring try to have a real Mohawk, the hairstyles of punks with shaved sides. Let’s find out more Mohawk pictures right now.

Braids Mohawk Hairstyles 2015

retro Victory roll mohawk hairstyles 2015

French braid mohawk hairstyles for black women Huge reverse braid mohawk hairstyles for black women

Bantu knots mohawk hairstyles for black women

braided sides Mohawk hairstyles for black women front braid Mohawk hairstyles for black women

One of the most impressive solutions for Mohawks for black women are the braids. And here I mean not only the sides braided, but the Mohawk itself. The styles are many even in this specified type. You can have reverse braids, classy on, You can try small braids on side that turn to big twist, and you can have Bantu knots on the Mohawk. All the options are incredibly fabulous, try whatever you like.

Short Mohawk hairstyles 2015 Fall

patterned sides Mohawk hairstyles for black women

Rihanna red Mohawk shaved sides Mohawk hairstyles for black women

classy short Mohawk hairstyles for black women

If you want to totally avoid hair problems, try short Mohawk hairstyles. You can have even shaved sides, so the only thing you will need is to straighten you crown part with the hawk and enjoy your life without hours of styling. Short haircuts for black women can be difficult to adopt, but once you try, be sure to fall in love with them forever.

Shaved sides Mohawk hairstyles for black women

red curly Mohawk hairstyles for black women shaved sided mohawk hairstyles for black women

shaved sides long Mohawk hairstyles for black women

Here come the classy Mohawk. Originally it was a statement look of punks, but now as time passes we see more and more women go into Mohawk without being punk. This hairstyle with shaved sides is extreme at first sight and seems to be very daring. But if you look closer, you will see that this is one of the best hairstyles for unmanageable black hair. It will solve you time and efforts and make you look extra stylish.

Curly Mohawk hairstyles

cute curly mohawk hairstyles for black women

curly Mohawk hairstyles for black women 2015

If you can’t live without your curly hair, and no matter how problematic it may be, you better go for curly Mohawk hairstyles. On the one hand half of the problem will be gone with the shaved sides, and on the other curly look romantic in any situation. Pull hair up and make the Mohawk effortlessly even on ling curly hair, some braided side strands will give the needed effect.



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