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Bun hairstyles are adored by women with medium and long hair. What is the zest of these popular hairstyles? It is obvious. Buns are easy to style first of all and besides they are incredibly versatile. Yes! At first sight you may think that after two days of wearing bun hairstyles you will get tired of it, but the reality is that you can have a bun for any event in your life. Elegant and official bun hairstyles for serious events, they are polished and strict. Messy with few strands left out, they are casual and nice. You can make a bow from your bun hairstyle and try hundred of such ideas, this is why buns are also favourite celebrity hairstyles for Summer 2015.

bun hairstyles 2015

So we see that bun hairstyles are quite stylish and look natural, and it is obvious that hair trends 2015 recommend to learn creating them. Depending on your occasion you can have low bun hairstyles, side bun, different type bun updos. All you need is the right length hair and some skills. Lets have a look at hairstyles pictures and start learning right now.

Rita Ora Sumo Knot bun hairstyles 2015

Rita Ora bun hairstyles 2015

The Sumo Knots propagandised during Fashion Weeks SS15 found their place among celebrity hairstyles. A bit redesigned into a  bun the hairstyle of Rita makes a perfect couple with her dress, look at the outlines of her hair left out if the bun and the dress lines. Fantastic!

Celebrity huge bun hairstyles 2015

Kate Beckinsale bun hairstyles 2015 Christa B. Allen bun hairstyles 2015

Here are the buns from the recent events in fashion industry. The bun worn by Kate  at Golden Globe awards 2015 is big, yet it has its perfect place on her head. It is well shaped, yet not very polished, that makes it look more natural.

Maria Menounos bun hairstyles 2015

Maria Menounos bun hairstyles 2015

Here is a very inventive solution for buns – a bow made out of a simple bun. It looks very inspiring and fresh and will be a good way to show off this spring summer 2015. If you have highlighted hair, the bun will look even more eye-catching.

Messy buns 2015 Summer

Teresa Palmer bun hairstyles 2015 Reese Witherspoon bun hairstyles 2015

Combine braids with buns, turn them upside down, leave some strands out, have messy look. This is how it works to create the stylish modern hairstyle. The cute messy buns from celebrities above prove my being right.

Low side bun hairstyles 2015

Christina Applegate bun hairstyles 2015 Charlize Theron bun hairstyles 2015

Are you seeking for a romantic girl’s look? Here you are the side low buns are what you need. Alone or accompanied with braids and twists these cute hairstyles will make any woman look flirty and girlish.

Tyra Banks elegant side bun hairstyles 2015

Tyra Banks elegant side bun hairstyles 2015

Black hair type is not an easy manageable hair, but you see how professionally Tyra can deal with her hair! The elegant side bun is a real piece of art, it is sophisticated and hard to design, but well beauty requires sacrifice.

Celebrity huge low buns 2015 Summer

Amy Childs bun hairstyles 2015 Amy Adams bun hairstyles 2015

Looking classy and elegant is never out of fashion. No matter if you have a special event, or just go to office each day, these cute low bun hairstyles will fit you.

Olivia Wilde bun hairstyles 2015

Olivia Wilde bun hairstyles 2015

Bun hairstyles are one of the best solutions for spring summer seasons and celebrities know it. The light bouffant taken backwards by a thin headband and a medium bun look this much pretty.

Hilary Duff bun hairstyles 2015

Hilary Duff bun hairstyles 2015

If you have thin hair, you can have the stylish bun like Hillary does! All you need to do is to backcomb your hair and create voluminous effect.

Bun hairstyles 2015 with braids

Amanda Seyfried bun hairstyles 2015 Rachel McAdams bun hairstyles 2015

You can always go more creative than the rest of your surroundings and have popular buns combined with braids. It can be elegant braided bun, or some strands on you messy updo ending in a bun.



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