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The wonderful spring-summer 2015 season is here and we all are eager to change looks and to get ready for the parties and nights out with friends.If you have long hairstyle, the variety of choice is the greatest for you. But leaving hair loose may not be very comfortable in many situations. And here come the greatest bun hairstyles! Can you imagine another updo style that can be so diverse? Of course, ponytails can be different too, but bun hairstyles can fit any occasion, cause they can be very official and elegant and very messy and casual. Right away I will introduce you dainty braided bun hairstyles that will help you shine on no matter where you go.

braided bun hairstyles 2015

The hair trends 2015 set by celebrities are worth having a look at, moreover you need to see those braided hairstyles ending in buns chosen by celebs, and start learning how to style them. Cause I assure you that these popular celebrity hairstyles will win your hearts and those of the people around.

Shaun Robinson braided bun hairstyles 2015

Shaun Robinson braided bun hairstyles 2015

Such a huge and polished bun can be achieved only if you have very thick hair or with a bun maker for sure, that will make any hair look huge. The thin braid adorning the bun makes it look softer.

Messy braided bun hairstyles 2015

Rashida Jones braided bun hairstyles 2015 Joanne Froggatt  braided bun hairstyles 2015

The choice of you own braided bun should first of all depend on your outfit. Ti have neat looks of a student choose a bit messy, but on the whole tidy braids. To look elegant with a cocktail dress, have a vertical braided bun.

Amanda Seyfried braided bun hairstyles 2015

Amanda Seyfried braided bun hairstyles 2015

Even though the hair trends for 2015 sport natural hairstyles that suppose some messy looks, I must confess that the classy tight and very accurate ballerina bun will never go out of fashion. And if you manage to decorate it with a polished braid, that will look awesome.

Celebrity braided buns 2015 Summer

Nina Dobrev braided bun hairstyles 2015 Genevieve Hannelius braided bun hairstyles 2015

Ideas for braids and buns are endless, on the one hand you see the classy center parted braids ending in a low bun, and on the other it is braided Mohawk hairstyle also ending in a cute small bun.

Lupita Nyong braided bun hairstyles 2015

Lupita Nyong braided bun hairstyles 2015

You have short natural hair and do not know how to create a sophisticated updo? Hair extensions can be the solution for you. The fusion of small and big braids on your bun will be flattening.

Emmy Rossum braided bun hairstyles 2015

Emmy Rossum braided bun hairstyles 2015

There is one characteristics for this look: elegance and femininity. Classy low bun with a braid and jewel hair accessories are incredibly nice with her romantic dress.

Versatile braids and buns hairstyles 2015

Ava Du Vernay braided bun hairstyles 2015Jennifer Morrison braided bun hairstyles 2015

As you see braided buns can fit any hair type, any face shape and any hair color. From natural hairstyles styled in dreadlocks, to thin straight blonde hair, you can create the marvellous buns with braids.

Jessica Lowndes braided bun hairstyles 2015

Jessica Lowndes braided bun hairstyles 2015

A center parted hairstyles totally fits the modern hair tendencies. And the classy French braids on both side swirling into a low bun, look nothing but perfect.



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