23rd October 2017
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There is one thing that we have definitely stolen from men – undercut hairstyles for women. And even though stolen, ladies manage to wear and maintain perfect undercuts, like these hair looks were forever females.For sure it will demand some serious courage to shave some part of your head, but the good thing about female undercuts is that we usually shave the lower part of nape, so that long or even bob hair can easily cover this part and provide feminine and ordinary looks. And when needed, pull hair into a high top knot and reveal the statement shaved or crop cut part.

best female undercut patterns hairstyles

However, it is not just the shaved part that attracts eyes, but female undercut patters. On your shaved nape you can create flowers, bows, geometric features or whatever you want to personalize and say your word with the amazing popular hairstyles of our times.

Colorful undercut hair patterns for women

women undercut patterns hairstyles

cool female undercut hair

Undercut patterns are quite noticeable even if you the mice brown hair, so imagine what will happen if you choose some bright hair color that will accentuate your design. Ladies are not afraid to go violet and red and bleached blonde to achieve the best result.

undercut patterns female pastel hair and female shaved undercuts

Long hairstyles and female undercut patterns

undercut patterns hairstyles for women cute bow patter undercut hairstyles female shaved hairstyles

Maybe some other season and weather and moods we wouldn’t be dedicating ourselves to undercuts.But it is summer, the time of year when you can feel free to make some significant change in your life. And this change can be your hair. Express yourself through undercuts, it really works, and it really looks fantastic and modern.

Long undercut hairstyles for women shaved hairstyles for women

Female undercut can be worn on any hair length, from short o long. It is all about what are you ready to reveal? Not everyone will agree to have shaved sides and temple that will be seen and open all the time, that will get to much attention. While with long hair you are given a chance to hide the pattern and open it whenever you feel like.

Short undercut hairstyles female

undercut Mohawk hairstyles for women

Undercut is not necessarily the look to run the show. You may try a notorious bob cut and add some shaved and patterned strands on the nape that will attract additional attention when revealed. And on the contrary you can go for such a fabulous Mohawk with geometric patterns on sides and temple that are all about being the centre of the world.



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