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Following the hair trends 2015 let’s have a look at relaxed loose hairstyles that are so fancy indeed. Long hairstyles are in the mainstream this spring summer 2015 seasons, and that is quite logical. Long hair that is glossy and healthy can be a perfect base for as many hairstyles as you can imagine. And what is more important in this case, it is perfect for loose downdo popular hairstyles. They are smooth, chic, relaxed and transmit unique femininity that no other hairstyles can do. It is like genetic memory that a woman with long hairstyles left loose, straight or wavy is the embodiment of beauty. So why not to try it right now?

Curly Downdo hairstyles 2015

First you will need to prepare your hair to have the celebrity hairstyles. I mean you have to take care of them, devote tie and efforts to make the long tresses look gorgeous. And then with the coming of summer you will recreate the loose hairstyles offered by celebrities that I have gathered in this article.

Celebrity loose wavy hairstyles 2015

Downdo hairstyles 2015 10 Blake Lively Downdo hairstyles 2015

What can be more feminine that blonde hair colors and soft beach waves? Nothing I suppose. This image will convert any woman into a sweetest creature, tender and so romantic.To add even more romance to your looks, you can wear a cute crown hair accessory made of flowers, real or artificial depending on the season.

Cara Delevingne Downdo hairstyles 2015

Cara Delevingne Downdo hairstyles 2015

For thick hair, there is a good option to freshen up – thick huge bangs! Long hairstyles with bangs look flattening. Look at Cara, they gently underline her eyes and the long tresses accentuate her face shape.

Trendy bob hairstyles 2015

Olivia Wilde Downdo bob hairstyles 2015 Karlie Kloss Downdo bob hairstyles 2015

Among not very long loose hairstyles, bob haircuts stand alone. Always being trendy and in fashion and looking gorgeous on anyone who tries them. Try you too!

Slicked back long hairstyles 2015

Slicked back long hairstyles 2015

Another popular hair trend 2015 is slicked back hair. Wet effect hairstyles were introduced at various Fashion weeks, then we witnessed celebrities adopt these looks and now we are totally convinced that loose slicked back hairstyles rock!

Popular loose hairstyles 2015

Messy Downdo hairstyles 2015 Downdo hairstyles 2015 with headbands

Nude make up, nude nails and hair colors, and outfit – muted tones are one of the mainstream tendencies of this summer 2015 season. Alongside with vivid red lipsticks we admire the new tendency of nude style and in hairstyles we see it as well. The soft hair colors and accessories are the embodiment of nude trend in fashion.

Vintage wavy loose hairstyles 2015

Vintage wavy loose hairstyles 2015

Nothing can look as sensual as the image of a woman in bed in vintage sleeping gown and loose wavy retro hairstyle! You are sure to copy this image at least once. The red lipstick is a must here.

Brunette loose hairstyles 2015

Kendall Jenner Downdo hairstyles 2015 Short bangs Downdo hairstyles 2015

If you are as lucky as Jenner to have such a rcih brunette mane, then loose and simple hairstyles are what you can try each new day and look gorgeous every time. For not very thick hair you can add short baby bangs to put more accent on eyes.

Summer 2015 long loose hairstyles

Summer 2015 long loose hairstyles

For summer 2015 season as well as for the last year summer loose beach wavy hairstyles seem the be the best option. Sunkissed blonde hair color makes a good companion to these popular long hairstyles.



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