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Billboard Music awards tends to be the most important event in music industry of the current season. It takes place annually in Las Vegas and hosts all the talented singers in one place. But the people attending it are not only talented in music, but also much talented in having gorgeous appearance: the dresses, the make up and the celebrity hairstyles from Billboards 2015 will be inspiring us for some time and will be a good start for the summer 2015 season. The looks were very hot and sexy, from Jennifer Lopez voluminous hairstyles to Kendall Jenner extra trendy slicked back hairstyles.

Billboard Music Awards 2015 Hairstyles

Anyways, no one seemed to forget about the main hair trends 2015 and the natural looks. So almost no celebrity was seen in complicated hairstyles. On the contrary, the popular celebrity hairstyles were either slick and polished, or beehive and huge, both looking relaxed and stylish. So why wait more, let’s have a look at the greatest hairstyles pictures form Billboard Awards 2015.

Rita Ora vintage hairstyles 2015 Billboards

Rita Ora vintage hairstyles 2015 Billboards

Her dress is impressive, the accessories, the make up with red lipstick. But what catches more attention is her retro hairstyles. Long blonde hair with huge curls, it looks astounding.

Celebrity blonde long hairstyles 2015

Mariah Carey hairstyles 2015 Billboards Britney Spears Hairstyles 2015 Billboards

I can’t say that the above celebrities’ dresses were very impressive, but I can definitely say that both of them were wearing their signature celebrity hairstyles and that was inspiring. Mariah with her long hair and several curls, and Britney with her blonde hair color, center parted and a bit tousled hairstyle.

Jennifer Lopez soft wavy hairstyles 2015 Billboards

Jennifer Lopez soft wavy hairstyles 2015 Billboards

The hairstyle of Jennifer is indeed impressive, the perfect color solution playing between blonde shades, the trendy center parting and soft waves really look great. And we can’t miss out her transparent dress that seem to be the trend of 2015. We have seen Jennifer Lopez hairstyles and dress at Met Gala 2015 as well, and I should confess that the two looks are fantastic.

Celebrity long bob hairstyles 2015 Billboards

ggy Azalea Billboard celebrity hairstyles 2015 Jourdan Dunn Billboard celebrity hairstyles 2015

Not so much time ago, these celebrities boosted their bob hairstyles and now we see them in very trendy lob styles, both are ceter parted as the hair tendencies claim it to be and both look relaxed and cute.

Celebrity updo hairstyles 2015 Billboards

Zendaya Billboard celebrity hairstyles 2015 Hailee Steinfeld  Billboard celebrity hairstyles 20151

As you can see some celebrities have simple ponytails, and it is amazing, that a simple old good ponytail hairstyles are so trendy now.

Kendall Jenner slicked back hairstyles 2015 Billboards

Kendall Jenner Billboard celebrity hairstyles 2015

Who can look more trendy that a world wide known model? Nobody I suppose and that is why the extra stylish wet effect hairstyles introduced by Kendall are so glamorous.

Taylor Swift messy bob hairstyles 2015 Billboards

Taylor Swift messy bob hairstyles 2015 Billboards

Jumpsuits have become so fashionable now that we can see them everywhere, and in everyday life and on the red carpet. Still, it is not only about Taylor’s snow white suit but also about her stylish messy bob haircuts. It looks very girlish and playful.

Long hairstyles 2015 Billboard Music Awards

Dencia Billboard celebrity hairstyles 2015 Estelle hairstyles 2015 billboards

Well, some celebrities tried to look inventive and they really caught attention, like Dencia. She is wearing a high ponytail hairstyle that is twisted.

Laverne Cox Hairstyles 2015 Billboards

Laverne Cox Hairstyles 2015 Billboards

Here is another simple look that is elegant and easy at the same time. The short pixie haircut styled neatly looks very polished.

Celebrity long brunette hairstyles 2015 Billboards

Kylie Jenner Billboard celebrity hairstyles 2015 Lily Aldridge Billboard celebrity hairstyles 2015

These two beauties again prove that simple looks are the trend of summer 2015. Loose and relaxed long hairstyles of theirs look super hot and sexy.



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