23rd October 2017
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Hairstyles for black women never stop surprising and inspiring with their uniqueness and variety. From straightened natural hair, to curls, from extension to own tresses, from box braids to dreadlocks, from loose styles to intricate updos, black hair always finds something new for us. And today this something new will be the double bun hairstyles. Yes! The very childish and funny two buns that are so much sported by women all around now. The trend as usual was first seen on runways, and once it went to crowd the designs lived through huge evolution. And now we are here to see the most amazing styles that two top knots and buns can offer.


And the curious thing is that in case of black hair, these Chinese ox-horn hairstyles can be done on the basis of box braids, and Senegalese twists, on straight hair and natural coils. So the diversity is fully provided. Now let’s have a look at pictures of black women double bun hairstyles for creating naughty girl looks.

Black women twists and double bun hairstyles



Senegalese twists hairstyles are impressive even just with black hair color, but when the extension used are bright violet or remind of yarn braids, then the attention is guaranteed. Now add to that all the cutest double buns and imagine how nice looks you will have.

Box braids double bun hairstyles 2017




When it comes to protective hairstyles, box braids are surely the most famous and widely spread ones. With box braids any style is possible. So go ahead creating these two devil buns and enjoying your new playful looks.

Naturally curly double bun hairstyles




If you want to take chance to show off you natural curls, with two buns it is a good opportunity. You can create the Afro puff hairstyles or just add smoothening gel to coils and roll them up in top knots. You will get the fabulous look that can be worn anywhere, mostly to a date where your girlish look with promising naughty features will win the guy’s heart.

Runway double bun hairstyles for black women


Here is a picture of runway double buns for black ladies. Perfectly tight and polished these buns are worthy trying once, especially with the black velvet strands.



So this was a short overview of the most popular nowadays black women double buns, that seem to have the tendency of turning into mainstream style with hair trends 2017, so you’d better learn styling them already now.




Source: http://pretty-hairstyles.com/updo-hairstyles/black-women-double-bun-hairstyles.html

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