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One of the greatest updo hairstyles for medium and long hair are bun hairstyles. They are easy to design, they can be styled for any occasion. Buns can fit your face shape, your hair type and outfit. Actually, bun hairstyles for summer 2015 are considered to be the best choice. Because you can have them formal and casual, polished and messy, upright and side. And here we must stop and consider precisely side bun hairstyles. Many celebrities’ choice falls on side buns both for official occasion and for ordinary life. Side buns are very creative and even though they already represent some category of updo styles, inside the category these celebrity hairstyles are versatile.

Side bun hairstyles 2015

Following the hair trends 2015 for spring and summer we now know that to be on-trend you should have long hairstyle. If you didn’t manage to grow out your hair, medium length will also do. With these lengths you already can create the side bun hairstyles for casual looks going out with friends and for evening cocktail parties. Celebrity hairstyles below will be an inspiration for you.

Nina Dobrev side bun hairstyles 2015

Nina Dobrev side bun hairstyles 2015

To create the perfect cocktail hairstyle that will fot your evening gown, you can copy this voluminous side bun of Nina. It is very low and the texture and thick hair allow to have the admiring looks.

Celebrity side bun hairstyles 2015 Summer

Christina Applegate Side bun hairstyles 2015 Lauren Conrad Side bun hairstyles 2015

The classy looks that is inspired by A-line outlines is not only appreciated in bob hairstyles. You can have the perfect elegant shape even in your bun downdo like in the pictures above. To make the designs look stylish you can have the not very polished, with a thin strand curving romantically along your cheek.

Emma StoneĀ  Side bun hairstyles 2015

Emma Stone  Side bun hairstyles 2015

If you are sporting bob hairstyles, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a cute bun on the base of your lob haircut. The flirty curls and not very tidy side bun accompanied with huge colorful earrings will create a nice image of yours for spring summer 2015.

Celebrity side bun hairstyles 2015

Ariel Winter Side bun hairstyles 2015 Jennifer Lawrence Side bun hairstyles 2015

Tulisa Contostavlos Side bun hairstyles 2015 Keri Russell Side bun hairstyles 2015

As you can see yourself celebrity buns are very versatile. On the one hand you can see very complicated designs that only a hair pro can create, and on the other hand some of the bun hairstyles are quite simple yet very elegant. This is the great advantage of buns, depending on the result you want to have, you can play with the styles forever.

Selena Gomez Side bun hairstyles 2015

Selena Gomez Side bun hairstyles 2015

If you have thick hair like Selena, then this voluminous side bun will suit you too. Mind that side buns are flattering for any face shape, for oval and for round as well.

Amber Heard braided side bun hairstyles

Amber Heard braided side bun hairstyles 2015

Here is a good example of creativity and imagination with styling buns. Use braids! the braided hairstyles are fashionable and ending in a cute side bun, they make admiring styles for parties.

Messy side bun hairstyles 2015

Ashley Greene Side bun hairstyles 2015 Audrina Patridge Side bun hairstyles 2015

In some cases even messy hairstyles can look elegant and formal. Have some braided element in your loose bun, or leave some strand out from you hair with highlights, you will look fantastic.

Arielle Kebbel Side bun hairstyles 2015

Arielle Kebbel Side bun hairstyles 2015

You have short hair and are preparing for some party where you want to go wearing a cute updo? you think it is impossible! But wait! Look at the picture above! Short hair can be converted to a cutest low side bun, here is the hairstyle you need.



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